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InfoSearch is your trusted partner in superior customer experience management. With over 27 years of experience, we go beyond providing mere tools – we offer turnkey solutions and unmatched expertise to both implement and maintain successful Customer Xperience programs.

Exceptional Experience Management Solutions

Transform your customer’s experience tenfold with InfoSearch solutions

Our next-generation CX solutions are powered by the industry’s leading technology Qualtrics XM. Our CX management platform is designed to propel your satisfaction strategies to unprecedented heights. No matter your industry, InfoSearch is here to guide you in using data to enhance processes, improve relations, and drive exceptional experiences.

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The Comprehensive CX Experience

Elevating Customer Experiences by Embracing Customer-Centric Strategies

At InfoSearch, we understand that a successful business revolves around happy customers. Our CX experience management solutions empower you to listen to your customers, understand their needs, and act proactively to exceed expectations. Using advanced tools and methods, our CX programs provide actionable insights from solicited and unsolicited feedback.

By understanding what your audience truly wants, you can create personalized experiences, strengthen loyalty, and differentiate your brand in the competitive landscape.

Our All-Inclusive Suite of Solutions

Supercharge Your CX Experience – No Matter Your Industry

At InfoSearch, we take immense pride to offer a comprehensive experience management solution suite that goes beyond traditional market research and data analytics. Our turnkey solutions are designed to address the unique challenges you face within your specific industry and give you a competitive edge.

Click through to read more about our range of experience management solutions – each tailored to elevate your organization’s performance and drive exceptional experiences.

Reimagine Guest Experience Management with CX Metrics

GuestXP™ empowers businesses to achieve new heights of customer satisfaction and success. Its core components comprise text analytics, statistical analysis, and predictive analytics that turn guest feedback into actionable insights.

It’s time to enhance guest experiences across all touchpoints, stay ahead of potential issues, and secure your position as a leader in your industry.

Enhancing Customer Relations Across Multiple Industries

Designed for industries with customer-centric operations, CustomerXP™ provides actionable insights for improving customer relations. Through Text iQ™, Stat iQ™, and Predict iQ™, we empower your organization to understand customer sentiments, identify trends, and predict future behaviors.

Whatever your industry, CustomerXP™ ensures your organization stays ahead in delivering remarkable customer experiences.

Elevating Brand Reputation with Ease

In today’s interconnected world, managing your brand’s reputation is vital for sustained success. Through BrandXP™, you gain a competitive advantage in understanding and shaping the public’s perception of you.

We help you uncover insights from customer feedback, product reviews, and social listening data, and empower you with proactive experience management solutions that build trust, loyalty, and a positive brand image.

Harnessing the Power of Social Media Insights

SocialXP™ specializes in social platform analysis to help you navigate the dynamic landscape of social media. By analyzing feedback and reviews on platforms like TripAdvisor, review sites, and other social media channels, you gain valuable insights into your guests’ and employees’ perceptions.

With our help, you can then use these insights to optimize your social media strategies, boost engagement, and enhance your brand’s reputation online.

Empowering Your Workforce for Organizational Success

EmployeeXP™ is here to revolutionize your human resources operations. From onboarding to retention, EmployeeXP™ provides actionable insights into your employees’ needs, satisfaction, and engagement.

Now you can make data-driven decisions that help you create a positive work environment, nurture talent, and drive productivity for organizational success.

Respond To Your Customers

Customer Satisfaction
Customer Retention
Complaint Management System

Understand your Club Members

Active Members
Inactive Members
Hosted Players

Connect with your Employees

Employee Engagement
New Hires / Transfers
Exiting Employees

Assess your Market

Market Share / Wallet Share
Market Trends
Market Opportunities

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